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5 Important Online Shopping Security Tips (Quick Tips)

Online Shopping is really a fun and amazing experience,Now a days Online shopping becoming very popular in India, many new big shopping websites launched like flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, and many other small shopping websites also launched, so you should follow some security measures before any online purchase.

online shopping
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Use Https

Always use online shopping website with http’s and all major websites provides https connection, if any website doesn’t provide https connection then you should not use that website for shopping, always use https protocol to connect any online shopping website, Most of all web browsers use an encrypted protocol called Secure Sockets Layer to access secure web pages. These pages use the prefix HTTPS, if a website using Https then your information will be safer than http.

Online Shopping

Never Use Public Computers

While online transactions in online shopping websites always use on screen keyboard, it reduces chances of hacking, many hackers uses keylogging softwares, a hacker installs it on a victim computer and he will get regular updates on everything which victim types, to avoid such cases always use on screen keyboards while online payments.

Read Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions

Many people never read privacy policy and terms and conditions of websites while registration but everyone should read them if you don’t want any trouble in future, many websites stores your Credit card information while transaction so read first their privacy policy , and similarly also read terms and conditions before purchasing any products from any website, terms and conditions clarify everything like how they deliver, money back guarantees all these things comes under terms and conditions.

Online Shopping

Check Cart Before Checkout

Many times people add many similar kinds of products in their cart but forget to remove them before checkout, and then they charged for many products which they don’t want so always check your cart before paying.
I hope these some quick security Tips helps you in better and safe shopping.