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How To avoid unknown Emails and Spams from Online Spammers

avoid unknown EmailsHow to Avoid Unknown Emails, Email is just an Electronic version of Mail, Like in our traditional mailing system we used to send our Mails through post, and in Email we send our messages through Internet, Internet is becoming more popular day by day and millions of people becoming internet.

users every year, very soon whole population of the world will be on the internet, By email we can send important messages documents in seconds to anywhere in the world, without spending money and most important Email saves paper because in Email no need of pen and Paper.

But everything has some demerits and in email some people use email for advertisements, and those emails are really annoying and we should follow some tips to avoid these kinds of emails in our Inbox.

Sending Email to Unknown People

avoid unknown Emails

Avoid Unknown EmailsTry to avoid sending emails to unknown people, many times we send emails to job recruiters, try to avoid such conditions, because your email can be used in email marketing and you will get disturbed with unknown emails if you send emails to unknown person, so send emails to unknown persons when you think that person is genuine and you know him, else try to avoid sending these kinds of emails.

Remove Email from Social Networks

Avoid Unknown Emails, Many people search social networks profile to find emails from people, so always keep them hidden in your profile you can allow your friends to view your email address, but you should hide it from public, Rumah Dijual.

So no one can get your email if he/she don’t know you, Social networks are really popular these days and your most of the information is public on these websites, so always keep your personal information hide, like emails, Phone numbers, address, be Safe always while using these networks.

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Avoid To add an Email in Blogs and website

Avoid Unknown Emails, If you are having a blog or website then never put your email in text form in your websites, because by web scraping , people can search thousands of websites for email address in one click so if your email is in image format means create an image file write email on it and paste that image on your blog and website.

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so image can be read by human so web scrappers can’t get your emails, or another option is that just put a contact form on your blog, that will be the best option for you.You don’t need to add any email, just put contact form and that will be great for your visitors.

Avoid registering with unpopular websites

Always avoid registering with unpopular websites, because they don’t use any terms and conditions and and they can sell your personal information to others which you enter while registering on their website, to avoid these things first check their privacy policy and terms.

if they don’t have any of them then avoid that website and if they have then read them carefully, these things you should read before registering in any website for your better security.

So By these simple precautions you can reduce your unknown emails by 80% and you will get less spam in your mail, Please share if you know any other reasons to reduce spamming and unknown Emails.